7 Day Co-op

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Our marketing co-op yields amazing results!!!

fritzBe sure to place your order for our exclusive marketing co-ops. You are closer to financial independence than you realize. Please note all orders must be placed BEFORE 9:00pm EST every Saturday night to receive leads from our co-op. Orders received after 9:00pm EST will be added to the next batch the following week.


Details about this marketing co-op:

  • Starts every Sunday at 6am EST
  • Co-op Group: 10 max
  • 1 share = landing page placement
  • 90 Day Cookie Duration
  • 1 Landing Page is used for the 7 Day Co-op
  • Daily report sent to your email
  • Marketing URL: https://funnelxroi.com/mainaw?ddid=XXXXXX
  • Cost $250 (one-time)

Email us the following AFTER payment:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Inviter's Name
  • Your Funnel URL: https://funnelxroi.com/mainaw?ddid=XXXXXX
  • (triple check your affiliate ID before sending payment)
  • Best Email Address
  • Email Fritz (system developer/marketer): fritz@workfromhome.vip
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Add Me to the Team Co-op Rotator


I want to stop my campaign. Can I get a refund? +

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot. We program our (AI) machine learning software in advance to better target your audience. Our marketing specialist sets the budget, keywords, bid-rules and cost-per-click (CPC) to distribute the leads evenly among 10 people. Once the campaign has started, it is out of our control.

What happens when you reach 10 people in your co-op group? +

Answer: New co-op groups are created once the limit of 10 is reached. If we receive 28 orders before 9:00pm EST on Saturday, we will create 3 co-op groups for the next campaign.

  • Co-op Group 1: 10 people
  • Co-op Group 2: 10 people
  • Co-op Group 3: 8 people
  • Group Total: 28
  • New campaign runs Sunday morning at 6am EST
I made a mistake. Can I change my affiliate ID? +

Answer: Yes. Send me your affiliate ID and our marketing specialist will update the link in the rotator. Email Fritz at: fritz@workfromhome.vip

Please triple check your affiliate ID before submission.

How will I know the campaign performance? +

Answer: Great question! You will receive a daily report instead of a weekly report. We have optimized all of our traffic sources over the last 8 years and know EXACTLY where to get the best leads. You will receive notifications in your inbox for 30 days even after the end of your campaign.

What does the 90 Day cookie mean? +

Answer: Visitors who click on your link first will only see your link for 90 days even if they click on other links within the campaign. If that same visitor decides to upgrade their Easy1Up account within the 90 day window, you receive the commission.

On day 91, it resets again.

What does 1 share = landing page placement mean? +

Answer: Every person with an affiliate link that struggles with getting signups can leverage our marketing expertise. We have created several landing pages across multiple industries to build our business. When you place an order to participate in our marketing campaigns, your link is added to one or more of the landing pages so you can share in the leads generated from our efforts.

  • 7 Day Co-op = 1 Landing Page = 1 Share
  • 14 Day Co-op = 2 Landing Pages = 2 Shares
  • 30 Day Co-op = 4 Landing Pages = 4 Shares