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heatherWe are ALL about creating Action and Power and we're a team that's united together with strength to our GDI Business. Our team has absolutely EXPLODED! I personally have joined on Friday, January 4, 2019, and when I CHANGED EVERYTHING!!!

The purpose of our "Action Power Team", is to give you ALL exciting Motivation, Inspiring and Additional Training Information, to HELP BUILD your New GDI Business and over time learn about the GDI Products and to give you some Promotional Marketing Tools to help you to becoming successful in your GDI Business.

Every Team Member on our "Action Power Team" MUST use their "Team $30K Video" to promote and bring All of their New GDI Referrals through the "Team $30K Video", in order to be on our Team and Mark Watson manages the "Team $30K Video" and he is the Operator of the "Rotator System".

This is the FRIST communication from us. Please make sure that you check your e-mails on a daily bases from the GDI Back Office E-Mail Communication System, with valuable info to grow your business.

Heather |
Community Success Manager


3 Step Instructions!

This is how to get started

First... Click & Watch This Short Video

Step 1

Get Added to Our Rotator

Mark W. is our sponsor and he is operating and managing a General Rotator System for our Team in GDI. In order for you to get in his rotation, do this below:

1. Send your Username.

2. Send the name of your Sponsor.

*****Send this information to Mark Watson E-mail Address:  So Mark can add you into rotation right away!

Step 2

Customize Your Team Master Link

You MUST promote your GDI Business! ALL of our "Work From Home VIP", Members MUST use their Team $30K Video link. You simply add your GDI Username at the end of the Team $30K Video Master link:

For Example: Here's is a sample username is: yourGDIusername

You simply add your GDI Username at the end of the Master Link after the ?sponsor=

Use this master link to add your GDI Username at the end! Like this: 

Here's my "Team $30K Video" link! Your page should look like mine.

Send a Test E-Mail to yourself to make sure your link works! Once you verified that your link has been sent to your email, you are READY to promote your link!

Forward Your Master Link to Your GDI domain

log into your account

  1. Log into your GDI account  -
  2. Username: enter your username
  3. Password: enter your password
  4. Where to Go: select Build My Website
  5. Click the Sign In button


domain forwarding

  1. Once you are logged in, find your new domain name and click Edit
  2. Since my account is already setup, it will look different from your account
  3. Go to the next page


  1. On this page, select Domain Forwarding
  2. Since my account is already setup, it will look different from your account
  3. Click continue


Purpose: This section will allow you to forward your Master Link to your GDI domain that was created during your account setup.

copy and paste the master link

On this page, we are going to paste our master link into the empty field.

Copy our master link (don't forget to replace 'yourGDIusername' with your real username):

  1. Paste the master link with your username into the empty field
  2. Make sure to select the 'Mask' check box
  3. Click the Update button


domain setup complete


You have successfully forwarded your master link to your GDI domain name. Now is the good part. You have the option to wait for the General Rotator System to kick in, which can take some time or you can get serious and kick start your business today!

Note: Only your GDI domain will be accepted in the Team Co-op


All GDI domains end with .WS

Step 3


Please take just a few minutes to listen to a couple of our team members.

They started out the same way you're getting ready to start right now.

They went through the "7 day free trail" and stuck with it. Now they are having success . . .


Our system gets your "Team $30K Video" in front of as "many eyes" as possible!

The fortune is in the follow up! Even though our system does 95% of the work, you still have to follow up. Expert studies show that the average sale is made on the 6th exposure you make to your online visitors.

After your visitor takes their free tour, give them time to digest the information. Follow up with personal emails that reminds them of why they signed up for your affiliate offers. Do these daily activities and you will be headed to the TOP!

Click Here To View All Of Our Team Members Video Testimonials On File

All Team Members Follow The SAME Process

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We are a 'Work From Home' independent contractor for multiple affiliate offers. We provide you with quality affiliate offers with 'PROVEN' track records that has helped us in our home business career within the direct sales, network marketing and home business professions. Please seek professional financial advice before joining any business venture. We do not provide legal or financial advice. Our success is a DIRECT result of our level of commitment, skill, desire, and willingness to learn.